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Vpe Healthcare is a holistic healthcare e-commerce organization that connects vital stakeholders in healthcare market place. Vpe Healthcare mobile app connects service seekers & service providers. Both stakeholders are benefitted by increasing their customer base, sales, profitability and Vpe helps them by providing novel marketing strategies to face the stiff competition in pharmaceutical retail market. Service seeker is the one that is running a pharmacy. It can be either community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy or clinical pharmacy.

How it works

Vpe will attain each kind of clients i.e., service seekers and service providers. Vpe scrutinizes and enrolls each client to sign up into ‘Vpe network’. Vpe Healthcare brings allopathic and ayurvedic community pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies onto a single platform showcasing their brands, price, quality, standard of their products and facilities. Client can directly place the order to the company using Vpe’s android mobile application.



Vpe healthcare designed its business model by closely watching the pharmaceuticals selling trends, which have been changing rapidly over a decade. Vpe business model facilitates both stakeholders to face stiff competition in the form of huge discounts offered by big corporates. Vpe healthcare designed its platform to its customers for free, allowing them to use most advanced technological features loaded in it. Vpe designed its mobile application for both stakeholders to perform their routine business activities in a simpler and profitable way with less or no expense. Our customers are those who encompass a smart producing facility with quality certifications like ISO, WHO-GMP, EU-GMP, US-FDA or AUS-TGA, ensuring highest quality pharmaceuticals.


All partnered clients can place their medicines order using the Vpe application to the pharmaceutical companies, after an intensive comparison with other competitors to reach their required demand that may be based on quality, price, delivery time and so on. Vpe won’t charge for the transportation of the medicines supplied.


Once the specified order is finalized, client will remit an advance payment to the company through a simple, fast and assured payment gateway. Vpe(We-Pay) assures and takes responsibility for all payment related issues which will be deposited back into the client’s account, on request (Subject to terms and conditions).



Vpe services are easily accessible to both customers. The service seekers will benefit tremendously from aggressive competition of online and corporate pharmacies to preserve their consumers through competitive prices. Similarly, With Vpe’s direct promoting commercial enterprise model, dependency on marketing, sales, advertising, training teams and distribution channel like super-stockists/stockists/sub-stockists turn into zero. Moreover, with the assistance of Vpe app, manufacturers will get direct orders across country. In addition to it, they are benefitted with advance payments, free branding, image building for their brand without spending funds on sales, advertising, training teams.


Vpe dreams to extend it’s support to give affordable medicines to patients coming from all segments of the society. It is a blessing for the patients providing inexpensive and quality medicines from clients with massive discounts, which is possible since the delivery chain (C&F agents, super-stockists, stockists, sub-stockists and wholesaler & advertising hierarchy) is non-existent. As a societal responsibility, Vpe reduces monopoly, avoids burdening of the needy patients and empowers small, newly commenced pharma businesses who cannot afford advertising to set up their brands inside the market place.


Vpe committed to provide a congenial professional atmosphere, where our people can come with novel, innovative, creative ideas. This provides an excellent opportunity to become part in their professional growth and company’s growth as well. Vacancies available in:Sales & Marketing, Administration, Customer Care (Knowledge on regional language and local geography is mandatory).



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Vpe Healthcare Services Private Limited is an e-commerce organization, connects medical shops with pharmaceutical companies with its mobile application.

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